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Danni is very good at what she does and has helped me immensely in my fitness journey. Unlike a lot of PT’s she is against starving and depriving yourself to lose weight but believes in and supports joyful eating. I feel confident now that I have found a balance and understand what works for me. I learnt so much from her and will be forever grateful for her help
February 7, 2024
I am just shy of 4 weeks into this meal plan and am so pleased. First off, the food is delicious. I love that the recipes are designed to have more servings for dinner so I’m not making separate meals for my family. This has taken the stress of meal planning off my plate, while still allowing me to learn how to shop and cook appropriately for my body. I’ve lost 10 pounds and in no way feel restricted. In fact, my body feels energized and satisfied so that when I do have the occasional treat I’m not overindulging and constantly seeking more. As the plan suggest, I feel “balanced”. I’m not cutting out foods or hiding from social events with treats. I’m learning how to live and eat in a way that is both healthy and sustainable. Can’t thank Dani enough for this plan, I only wish I started sooner.
Ashleigh Walker
June 2, 2023
I have been following Danni's meal plans for almost six months now and I would wholly recommend it. The recipes are visually appealing, easy to make and taste delicious. With the emphasis on balanced lifestyle nothing feels restricted and I feel healthier than I have for years. Thank you Danni for all of the effort you put into producing these meal plans, it really is appreciated!
June 23, 2023
So glad I subscribed to the My Balanced Kitchen meal plans, I have been losing weight (7kg in 6 weeks) while feeling full and enjoying my food. My partner even enjoys the meals and it doesn’t feel like “dieting”. I’m no cook but the recipes have been easy to follow, don’t take long and I’ve enjoyed making them!
Emily Mitchell
June 14, 2023

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